Drop 3 will come…

For the Llama’s in Drop 3 you will pay a low base price for the NFT. You can buy a physical art print, but you don’t have to. The cool thing is you can order this print in any size you want. You will have to contact us via this website to get a quote on a print and the price to send this print to you.

What is the Crowned Llama Clan?

The Crowned Llama Clan is an art project of the Amsterdam based contemporary artist Thomas Kos. There will be a collection of 999 unique Llama’s, every Llama is captured in both a physical artwork and an NFT.

How unique is each Crowned Llama

Thomas Kos drew 99+ different traits that each Llama may or may not have. This means that there can be created almost 9 trillion different Llama’s. That’s 999 times more Crowned Llama’s than people existing in the world! However, only 999 Crowned Llama’s will ever exist. A higher power created these 999 Crowned Llama’s with a unique Algorithm. For now the first 99 Llama’s are created.

How can I buy a Crowned Llama?

You need to to buy a Crowned Llama NFT on the NFT marketplace ‘Opensea’. After that you have the possibility to order a print.

Can I follow you on Social Media?

Yes please!